Buy Bulk, Save Big

Buy Bulk, Save Big

Just an example of some of the items our customers like to buy by the case; however, anything you purchase can be bought by the case. Either e-mail us, give us a call, or complete the form at the end of this page.


Schweppes one-liter mixers (tonic, ginger, seltzer, and club soda) – 15/case

$18.85 plus tax and deposit

Polar one-liters (all varieties of sodas and seltzers) – 12/case

$10.95 plus tax and deposit

Poland Spring Water, gallons – 6/case


Fiji water, 0.5 liter – 4 6-packs/case

$26.95 plus tax and deposit

Imported Tomatoes and Sauces

Sclafani Spaghetti Sauce, 32 oz. – 12/case


Sclafani Quick Crush Tomatoes, 28 oz. can – 12/case


Sclafani Italian Peeled Tomatoes, 35 oz. – 12/case


Sclafani Imported San Marzano Tomatoes, 28 oz. – 12/case


Sclafani Pasta, regular cuts, 16 oz. – 20/case


Household Items

Scott Toilet Tissue, 1000 sheets – 60/case


Seventh Generation Toilet Tissue, 1000 sheets – 60/case


Hytop Bleach gallon – 6/case


Clorox Bleach, 121 oz. – 3/case


Tide liquid Detergent (all varieties), 46 oz. – 6/case


Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent, 100 oz. – 4/case


Seventh Generation Paper Towels, 120 ct. – 30/case


Mortons Solar Salt

Pet Food

Wellness Dog Food, 12.5 oz. – 12/case


Wellness Cat Food, 3 oz. – 24/case


Pedigree Dog Food, 13.2 oz. – 12/case


Alpo Dog Food, 13.2 oz. – 12/case


9-Lives Cat Food, 5.5 oz. – 24/case


Other Options

All dairy, frozen, and produce items can also be purchased in bulk lots. We can also offer discounts on bulk meat orders. For example, whole New York strips, ribeyes, sirloins and top or bottom rounds. Pork, chicken, veal and our store-made sausage is also available. Orders can be freezer-wrapped for an additional charge.